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MIR 7.2 and its A to F completed annexes

2020-January VIGILANCE _ MIR 7.2 and its A-to-F complete annexes

Dear Vigilance Teams Members,

The use of the 7.2 revision of the MIR posted last year on the European Commission website has become compulsory last January 01, 2020.

Coding is still quite new in Europe ; but complete A-to-F-annexes "helptext" has been released too. It is available in an xlxs format from the website : https://ec.europa.eu/docsroom/docum... .

A stress is made already on the use of IMDRF coding for reported events and it is our advice all worldwide vigilance files could be reviewed in accordance with the use of this nomenclature.

As deadlines for reporting an incident will also soon be reduced, we remain at your disposal for any other question you may have.

Best regards,

MME Team

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